Welcome to Home Learning Lab!

Welcome to Home Learning Lab!

“From the day you become a parent, you also become a teacher”

Anne Campbell

Welcome to Home Learning Lab!

Hi, I´m Marielle and I am so glad you found your way to Home Learning Lab. It probably means you are interested in homeschooling and/or alternative ways to educate your children and might be considering a different way of life. I´m thrilled to share my story with you and aim to empower, inspire and coach you to create the right mindset and start this journey with confidence and joy.

My objective is to guide you to find the clarity and courage you need to confidently do this. You will not fail your children, you will succeed. You Got This! In this process, I will serve as your bridge, to close the gap between where you are and where you want to go. You will be learning from my personal experience as a seven year homeschool mom, teaching my three kids while living on a boat, as well as my transition to and from a more conventional lifestyle. I´ve done it, lived it, my kids are doing great and I know I can help.

There are many ways to educate your kids in an alternative way and certainly not all learning happens at home. You might opt for Unschooling, Boatschooling, Roadschooling, Worldschooling, Gameschooling or a combination of them. At Home Learning Lab we do not identify ourselves with one method or style. We embrace all kinds of Home Schooling Methods and Styles, as long as they work for you, your children and support the lifestyle of your choice. Live and let live is our motto.

Now go and have a look at our content! Please leave your comments and suggestions or email me directly at marielle@homelearninglab.eu with your questions, concerns or if you want to share your homeschooling story with me. I look forward to connecting with you.

Love, M